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  1. Product Custom Filter For Virtuemart

    ** Joomla Virtuemart Product Custom Filter - ** Joomla Virtuemart Product Custom Filter is a wonderful addon, this will add some great features to your VirtueMart store with the help of which buyer can easily search what exactly he/she is looking. This addon consists of three major filters – category( primary filter), Manufacturer and price filter, along with two advanced filters for custom fields and Webkul custom attribute(if installed).By using this product user can easily filter out their desired result.
    It is easy to use by shoppers due to the feature of dynamic update of the module which changes product count based on active filters and displays only fields that have products. For example: If there is no product in red color then the red color is not displayed under the color filter.

    - The admin can enable/disable any of the filters.
    - Store admin can set position of every filter (for example categories on top followed by manufacturer and then price filter)
    - Admin can set whether to show product count or not, separately for each filter (for example, show product count on categories but not with manufacturers).
    - Admin can set whether to convert custom field/attribute values to color representations or not(example: black will be displayed as black circle)
    - Admin can set the number of products on a page.
    - Filters(product count and availability of filter) will be updated after each selection based on active filters(for example: if category cloth is selected then product count(in custom field/attribute/manufacture) is displayed according to category cloth).
    - Categories displayed as a tree, child categories can be collapsed also if there is no product in a category it will not clickable.
    - A user can only select single category whereas can select other filters in multiple modes. For example category ‘ monitor’ with custom field color value set to ‘black’ and ‘blue’.

    Highlighted Features:

    • Dynamic module update based on active filters.
    • An option to convert color values of custom fields to respective colors.
    • Store admin has control over how to filter products, admin can set request mode to Ajax or HTTP as per requirement. Further admin can also set whether filter product on click of each filter or show apply button so that user can select filters and then click on apply at last.

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

  2. One Click

    The module is extremely handy for displaying the content of the very limited space. This is implemented with the use of a single button. The function of the button is with one click to be shown or hidden content - text, images, maps, video, other modules.

  3. raspisanie

    The module displays the schedule of school calls.
    The module allocates the current day of the week.

  4. Authorize.Net for Phoca Cart

    This payment plugin for Phoca Cart allows you to accept credit cards, electronic checks and deposit funds automatically via Authorize.Net Payment Gateway. All major credit cards are supported: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diner's Club. The payment gateway is PCI DSS compliance and protecting your customers' confidential information.

  5. Mail Catcher

    Mail Catcher is an utility component for Joomla! for catching, logging and monitoring emails sending in your Joomla site.

    It is very useful for developers and administrators to monitor and keep track of ALL emails sent from Joomla site for debugging and administration purposes.

    The dashboard display reports and statistics information so that developers and administrators can stay on top of ALL email sending activity in Joomla! site, every abnormal activities from spammers, attackers or from some malfunctioned installed extensions can be discovered quickly.

    Mail Catcher is also useful to track extensions that send emails regularly and frequently like newsletter or subscription system, it will help you to see if the emails were sent correctly as intended.

    Mail Catcher catches and logs the following information:

    • Sent date
    • Sent from email address + name
    • Recipients
    • Subject
    • Email content (supports both text and HTML format)
    • Sending status: failed or successful
    • Mailer: PHP Mail, SMTP or Sendmail
    • Referrer: see from where the email was sent (component, controller)
    • IP address: the IP address of the user who triggered email sending